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Sweat Essay

Sweat Essay

In the short story, Sweat Zora Neale Hurston developed moving picture by having the reference grow throughout the story. She utilize literary ele manpowerts to help form the character. In the story the main character Delia changed quite a bit. Delia was a hardworking, independent and strong woman. She had an ignominious husband named Sykes. He was violent, cruel and a flirt.
The setting was in Eatonville, Florida during the 1920s and depression meter. Delia was a washables woman. Ah done told you time and again to keep them duster folks cloths outa dis house, this meant Delia washed the white peoples clothing for money. Sykes was not okay with this. He obviously had a problem with people, especially since he didnt want Delia to wash the clothes inside his house. This shows his side of anger and violence towards Delia. Naw you wint, she panted, that ole-snaggle-toothed…foot foremost. This was when Delia first showed her defensive and independent side of her. Sykes was floor by her standing up to him so he meet left. It cowed him and he did not strike her as he normally did. From this point it was clear that hes physically ignominious towards her and her rebellion was shocking.

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Sykes threw a falsify whip towards her and she thought it was a scared. She then became weak and numb. It took her a full minute to recover. This foreshadows how she couldnt move when Sykes was later bitten by the real snake that Sykes has brought inside the house as a surprise for Delia. Course Ah knowed…Ah skeer you. When Sykes threw the bull whip he laughed at his wifes scared reaction. It showed how much fun he has messing with Delia and torturing her.
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